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CargoDocs for LNG Trade rolls out globally

electronic bills of lading
Alex Goulandris
Trade Digitization

We’re pleased to confirm that after completing a year-long trial of CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading (eB/Ls) in LNG trades within Europe, Shell has now signed up to roll out the solution globally. 

Shell and its ship agents will use CargoDocs DocPrep to draft Bills of Lading and approve them online, whereafter they will be electronically signed, issued, endorsed and then produced in the technical/legal CargoDocs DocEx solution.

Commenting on the recent milestone, essDOCS Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Goulandris, said: “the LNG industry already utilizes some of the most advanced shipping technologies, so adding electronic Bills of Lading was an obvious next step. We are excited to work with Shell as it leads the digitization of this fast-growing market”.


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