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ICE CargoDocs ePresentation

ICE CargoDocs ePresentation enables electronic Presentation of original eDocs under eUCP Documentary Credit (eUCP Presentation) and/or Documentary Collection (eDocumentary Collection), i.e. Cash Against Documents (CAD).

The solution acts as a multi-bank platform, enabling ePresentation of title documents such as original ICE CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading (eB/Ls) plus relevant supporting electronic documents such as Commercial Invoices, Independent Inspectors’ Certificates, Vessel Reports, Government Certificates (such as Phytosanitary Certificates), Chamber of Commerce signed Certificates of Origin and more. 



  • Operational with an eUCP Letter of Credit, non-L/C financing solution or on CAD terms
  • Relevant eB/Ls can be made with a To Order or Bearer; To Order party can be Bank or Buyer
  • Can facilitate back-to-back or back-to-back-to-back ePresentations
  • 4-eyes reviews by each Bank
  • Ability to reject in full or reject one or more specific eDocs only tying into ICE CargoDocs’ integrated amendment workflow for eB/Ls. As a result no new eB/L needs to be drafted by a third party as the solution manages the recut based on relevant approvals
  • Option to automatically add an eUCP Notice of Completeness, as required
  • Works in tandem with MT798 L/C application or tools such as GTC and eLCY (see accessibility section below)
  • Auditing of all actions and online 12-year archive of Copy eDocs
  • Powered by Exchange Title Docs


  • Enables electronic execution of financed trades with increased efficiency, speed and accuracy
  • Reduces risk & fraud
  • Improves both compliance & productivity
  • Allows Banks to provide enhanced trade finance capabilities to customers
  • Reduces DSO for Sellers by up to 18 days
  • Accelerates receipt of documents and access to the cargo for End Buyers
  • eDocs delivered directly to the L/C or eDoc Collection team, bypassing the local office and further accelerating the presentation process
  • ICE CargoDocs Collaborative Drafting tool minimizes initial rejection rates by allowing Shippers and Banks to review draft eDocs before issuance
  • On occasions where eDocs are rejected, ICE CargoDocs Integrated Amendment Workflow allows for re-presentation of updated eDocs within hours or even minutes

Trades in Use

ICE CargoDocs ePresentation is primarily used in Agri, Metals, Chemicals and Energy trades. Click here for a list of key ICE Digital Trade bank & corporate customers.


Adopting ICE CargoDocs ePresentation is straightforward and our experienced team will help you through our tried and tested onboarding process. Contact us to get started or request your very own free online demo.