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ICE Digital Trade Case Studies & Testimonials

The benefits and impact of our solutions are best explained in their real-world context – through those who use them. Here at ICE Digital Trade, we’re continuously developing a range of Case Studies based on our customers' feedback, outlining the problems they faced, how we helped them overcome these and the wide-reaching impact/improvements achieved by using our solutions.

Contact us to find out more about how ICE Digital Trade can benefit your company and to assist you in calculating the impact of adopting our solutions.

Case Study: Bank of China (Issuing Bank)

The laborious, paper-based trade document process at Bank of China’s corporate banking branches led to avoidable document delays, and, in turn, unnecessary costs as a result of inefficiencies arising from a reliance on paper. 

Find out how CargoDocs helped the Bank achieve major operational improvements, while significantly reducing costs and adding value for its corporate customers importing cargoes from across the globe


Case Study: CargoDocs for Charterers

A leading, global Dry Bulk Charterer requested that we calculate the impact of using electronic documents (eDocs) – including Bills of Lading – via CargoDocs. The case study specifically focuses on Charterer-related savings based on data collected from our customer. 

Find out how CargoDocs helped the Charterer achieve significant documentation handling savings and major operational improvements

Charterer Case Study Preview 2017

Case Study: CargoDocs for Ship Agents

A leading, global Dry Bulk Exporter requested that we calculate the impact of using electronic documents (eDocs) – including electronic Bills of Lading – via CargoDocs. This case study specifically focuses on Ship Agent-related savings, based on data collected from our Exporter customer and a group of its key Ship Agents. 

Find out how using CargoDocs led to signficant Agent-related savings as a result of accelerated, streamlined documentation processes

Agents Case Study Dec 2017

Case Study: Refinery One

The paper-based shipping documentation processes at Refinery One contributed heavily to jetty congestion and avoidable demurrage. In addition, the use of paper caused major inefficiencies throughout the documentation process.

Find out how CargoDocs helped the Refinery achieve major operational improvements and significantly reduce costs


Video: Zeeland Refinery goes Paperless

With a clear vision towards becoming the world’s first 100% Paperless Refinery, Zeeland Refinery N.V., the Netherlands-based Total & Lukoil joint venture, first went live with CargoDocs for Barges in 2013, initially implementing CargoDocs Barge eNoms and later interfacing with eSailing Advices. Since then, Zeeland became the 1st ever location to adopt CargoDocs electronic Barge Receipts (eBRs). Click on the video for more on Zeeland’s rapid journey to 100% Paperless Trade!