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ICE CargoDocs (formerly DocEx) enables companies and banks to digitize original bills of lading, warehouse warrants, promissory notes and bills of exchange.

ICE CargoDocs was co-developed with key industry players and reflects best paper processes around managing these key documents.

The user interface for ICE CargoDocs is being upgraded currently, and the images on this page reflect the old / classic interface.
Exchange original digital title docs globally
Digital and legal solution to enable use of key trade title docs such as electronic bills of lading (eB/Ls) on a global basis

Digitize any and all manner of title docs
Including electronic bills of lading (eB/Ls), warehouse warrants (eWWs), promissory notes (eBNs) and bills of exchange (eB/E)

Draft 100% of your eB/Ls + other title docs
Whether you're issuing these documents electronically or as paper

Handle all supporting docs
Manage and handle your supporting documents as PDF, or integrate with Assemble Cargo Docs to draft and automatically add all required supporting docs

Transfer to buyer, present to bank, return to sender
Manage transfers, presentations, and returns with all relevant trade stakeholders 100% digitally (as electronic document sets, or eSets); or as mixed sets (mSets) combining eDocs and paper

Amend, Split, Switch, Recut or Convert eDocs
Key actions such as amendments, splits and recuts are handled instantly; e.g. a title holder can request amendments, which if accepted by the relevant parties such as the Carrier, will be automatically completed

Surrender (Produce)
Ability for title holder to 'surrender' (aka 'produce') the electronic bill of lading back to the Master at the discharge port, to receive the goods

Official or Certified Copies for Customs + other purposes
Ability to output acceptable official or certified Copies for Customs, Tax or Finance purposes

Track KPIs via embedded BI
Real-time dashboard providing visualized performance and visibility KPIs on your shipments & documents
(coming soon)

Advanced Electronic Title Features

Largest Counterparty + Bank Network
Enabling users to electronically present eDocs under letters of credit or doc collections
$20MM of eRisk Insurance
Per each electronic title doc, covered by AIG
Industry Approved
Approved by all P&I Clubs, as well as ITIC and TT Club
Title Docs Partner API
Enabling 3rd party solution providers to embed the solution into their own offerings
Integrated Supporting Docs
Integrated with Assemble Cargo Docs to enable drafting of all required supporting documents
12-year Archive
Online, secure auto-archiving of all documents for 12 years
Data-based title docs
Enables title holders to download the original data into trading, shipping and finance systems via Customer API to avoid data re-entry

In Use

Largest digital title network, used by 8,000+ companies across 81 countries


ICE CargoDocs is only charged to the exporter (or party receiving new docs if title docs are reissued).

The solution is free for ship agents, forwarders, carriers, traders and importers.

Exporters can choose from quarterly PayGo pricing packages, with no min. term commitment, or annual PrePay packages with significant discounts depending on volumes.

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Digitize original shipping & trade title documents