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  • Spending too much time managing paper trade and shipping documents? We can help

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    DTD for Energy Terminals

    Save hours with digital ship-shore & shipping/trading documents using Digital Trade Docs (DTD). Learn more

essDOCS Paperless Trade Solutions

CargoDocs is a global trade management platform, which offers a range of solutions and apps for Companies and Banks of all size and geographic location to digitize and automate post-trade/sales processes. These solutions digitize commercial, transportation, finance and official documentation. We have a massive upgrade to CargoDocs planned for 2022, so follow us and subscribe to keep up-to-date.

essCert is the leading global solution for certifying official documents such as Preferential and Non-Preferential Certificates or Origin, EUR1, ATR, Arab Certificates, Commercial Invoices + more. essCert can be used as a standalone solution for Certifiers and Exporters/Forwarders, or it can be adopted as a pre-integrated add-on to Assemble Cargo Docs.


Simple, intuitive user-interface

Super quick and free registration for Assemble Cargo Docs or essCert for Exporters/Forwarders

In-app support and guides

Key Solutions + Apps

essCert 4.0

Digitally apply for and receive back certified official documents such as Preferential and Non-Preferential Certificates or Origin + more

Exchange Title Docs

Electronic negotiable document exchange for electronic Bills of Lading, Warehouse Warrants + more

Assemble Cargo Docs

Digitally generate, collect, approve and manage all trade & shipping documents

Solutions + Apps Coming Soon

Digital Trade Docs

Fully or partially digitize end-to-end documentation processes for industry-specific needs such as Energy, Agri, Metals + more


Sanctions and dual-use goods screening, required documents advisory, HS code search, FTA search + more


Business insight, plus visibility of documents, goods and payments

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essDOCS was co-founded by Alexander Goulandris in 2005, with the aim of eliminating major inefficiencies resulting from the use of paper documents in shipping, trade & trade finance.

essDOCS is now part of ICE. You may know ICE already through its energy futures markets covering Brent, Gasoil, TTF, JKM LNG and EUA futures, and its soft commodity futures across coffee, sugar and cocoa. It is a Fortune 500 company that designs, builds and operates digital networks to connect people to opportunity. ICE provides financial technology and data services across major asset classes that offer its customers access to mission-critical workflow tools that increase transparency and operational efficiencies, two areas which essDOCS is similarly focused on.

ICE operates exchanges, including the well-known New York Stock Exchange, and clearing houses that help people invest, raise capital and manage risk across multiple asset classes. ICE’s fixed income data services and execution capabilities provide information, analytics and platforms to help customers capitalize on opportunities and operate more efficiently. While ICE Mortgage Technology is transforming and digitizing the U.S. residential mortgage process, which, like trade finance, has traditionally been a paper-based industry.

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