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essDOCS provides digital global trade management solutions, that extend and augment your existing capabilities.


You can find a list of our solutions, broken down by user-type and adoption method, below.

Solution by User Type + Adoption Method

Self-Managed Instant Access

Digitally generate, collect, approve and manage all trade & shipping documents

Use essCert to digitally apply for and receive certified Preferential and Non-Preferential electronic Certificates or Origin (eCOs) + more

API for Partners embedding our Exchange Title Docs capabilities into their trade or trade finance platforms

API for Partners + Customers to embed essCert eCO capabilities into digital trade solutions, EPRs etc. to automate certification processes

API for Customers to manage dry barge applications + docs digitally

Free Instant Access

Certified eB/L Verification

Online verification of certified CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading

Certified eCO Verification

Online verification of Chamber-certified essCert electronic Certificates of Origin

Assisted Setup Enterprise Solutions

Secure, cloud-based solution for electronic signing & legal transfer of title docs such as electronic Bills of Lading (eB/Ls) + supporting docs

electronic Presentation of orginal eDocs under eUCP Documentary Credit (eUCP Presentation) and/or Documentary Collection (eDocumentary Collection)

Transaction Matching Application enabling trade finance banks to provide BPO + BPU-related solutions to customers

Digital Trade Docs (DTD) solution enabling end-to-end management of digital ship-shore and shipping/trading documentation

Digitization of Tank Barge load & discharge docs including original receipts + supporting docs

Barge Digital Transformation (BDT) solution for digitally managing dry barge applications + docs in agricultural commodity trade

Next-gen essCert solution for handling electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) applications and certifications + much more

Solution to manage global trade processes and requirements for Australian & U.S. Exporters