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DocEx Overview

CargoDocs eDoc Exchange (DocEx) is a secure, cloud-based solution that enables the electronic signing, exchange and legal transfer of title documents. Data from the original eDocs in DocEx can be combined with data from IoT devices and key events to minimize the risk and cost of financing and trade.  

The solution is currently in use across 81 countries.

Key Features Include

DocHub integration, enables DocHub users to push draft documents directly into DocEx for signing, issuing and transfer of title eDocs

Approved Legal Agreement (DSUA), backed by key industry groups such as the IG P&I, ITIC and TT Club
Original electronic bills of lading, enables signing and legal transfer of original liner (House or Ocean) eB/L or bulk charterers Straight Negotiable eB/L
Original electronic warehouse warrants, enables signing and legal transfer of negotiable eWarehouse Warrants (eWWs)
Data based docs, enables integration and straight-through-processing with your in-house systems, including major ERP platforms
eRisk Insurance, comes with US$20 million insurance per title eDoc (eB/L & eWW) plus add-on cover up to US$30 million
Largest eTitle Network, spanning 7,900+ DocEx-enabled companies across all continents

Key Benefits

DocEx provides the following key benefits:

  •  Reduction in use of trading and discharge letters of indemnity (LOIs) by over 90%
  •  Improved control over management and handling of original bills of lading
  •  Faster presentation of documents to buyer or bank for payments by up to 15 days
  •  Reduced demurrage costs
  •  Ability to amend original eDocs within minutes (cf. days for paper)
  •  Elimination of courier, printing, storage and handling costs
  •  Ability to automate doc handing and payment processes through smart contracts
What our Customers say


DocEx is currently used in 81 countries out of a total of 203 countries using essDOCS solutions today.
Click here for a map and full list of countries.


Adopting CargoDocs DocEx is straightforward and our experienced team will help you through our tried and tested onboarding process. Contact us to get started or request your very own free online demo