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Electronic Safety Data Sheets

eSDS is a simple, secure, web-based solution for users to replace paper processes relating to the distribution & tracking of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) required under REACH, GHS, OSHA and other similar legislation.



  • Send electronic Safety Data Sheets (eSDS)
  • Access  a large, multilingual Shared Library of GHS/REACH compliant SDSs, managed and maintained by third party technical experts (SGS BV)
  • Send (and where necessary resend) eSDSs to one or more recipients in required languages
  • Automate tracking of receipt and/or opening of the eSDS along with a full audit log
  • Automate resending as required under relevant legislation
  • Store incoming Safety Data Sheets from Suppliers electronically, making them readily available online to all required employees
  • Manage all outgoing and incoming eSDSs for internal Health & Safety requirements
  • Standardize Safety Data Sheet global compliance Securely access to all eDocs online for 12 years


  • Easy compliance with distribution requirements under REACH, SOLAS and similar legislation
  • Intuitive web-based system allowing users to manage, distribute and track SDSs online, providing significant time and cost savings
  • Automated compliance functions ensuring fulfilmentof REACH and other SDS legislation obligations – including active distribution, updated SDS distribution, SDS receipt tracking
  • Increased visibility and access asincoming and sent SDSs can be viewed by all users and managers
  • SDS library instantly accessible online – anytime, anywhere
  • Shared SDS library eliminates need for technical know-how and expertise, and shares costs of updates and translations across all shared library users

Solution History

eSDS went live since July 2009. As with many of our solutions, it was developed to address a necessary industry requirement. The solution was built at the request of Trading Companies who approached essDOCS in March 2009 requesting a solution for the distribution of Safety Data Sheets, as required under the upcoming REACH regulation. eSDS was in turn conceptualized and developed, and version 1.0 was deployed in less than three calendar months. 

In Use

eSDS is currently used by a growing number of companies to meet their global compliance needs. Regions currently covered include the EEA, Switzerland, USA and Singapore. eSDS is used in Crude, Refined Product and Metals trades.


eSDS users are required to sign a Standard Access Agreement and the eSDS Order Form. The Access Agreement is used for all non-CargoDocs Services, and provides the terms on which essDOCS deploys the solution, including the Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Users can adopt eSDS as a standalone solution in less than one week. Contact us to get started or request your very own free online demo