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Save hours with digital ship-shore and shipping/trading documentation using Digital Trade Docs (DTD) – for Energy/Oil Terminals, Refineries, FPSOs, Independent Terminals + more.

DTD is part of our CargoDocs platform. DTD for Energy Terminals + Refineries was co-developed with key industry players and reflects best paper processes around managing shipping/trade documents used by Energy industry stakeholders.
Planner View / SSSCL
Enabling end-to-end digital management of Ship-Shore Safety Checklists (SSSCL)

Configurable Workflow Checklist
Enabling you to (i) admin configured multi-actor checklists to recreate current processes & interactions with other teams / stakeholders; (ii) group tasks and identify mandatory tasks, task orders & internal-only steps; (iii) activate time or event-triggered notifications; and (iv) use various display options to provide complete visibility or focus on uncompleted own tasks

Robust Interfaces
Enabling ERP, ETRM, HCA & Energy Post-trade integrations, including: various SAP systems, Implico Open TAS, Quorum Energy Components, Maron OAS + more

Digitally Share / Collect Ship-Shore Docs
By either uploading manually or by pushing via an API

Limit access to docs for internal-only use
Allowing you to set privacy controls on which docs should not be accessible by counterparties

Manage Letters of Protest
Upload as PDF and add comments plus signatures & stamps as required, and add to document set

Secure, single click multi-doc / parcel signing
Sign securely with one click and re-authenticate to complete signing. Includes full visibility on docs you are signing and what requires signing by other parties

Issue Original Electronic Shipping / Trading Docs
Such as original electronic bills of lading (eB/Ls) and more

Official outputs for Customs
Easily generate non-negotiable & non-original docs for Customs clearance purposes. Outputs can be provided to Customs as paper or PDFs. essDOCS works with customers to ensure acceptable output prior to shipping into any new country

Features & Benefits

Significantly Improve Capacity
Eliminate time-consuming manual processes that negatively impact terminal capacity, product turnover, custody transfer, throughput, and revenues
Improve Berth Utilization by Accelerating Vessel Turnaround
Ability to digitally manage ship-shore docs, pre-loading conferences or sign shipping docs after leaving the berth saves hours of berth time, enabling more loadings, discharges, maintenance, while also significantly reducing demurrage
Improve Safety
Limit vessel boardings and high-risk activities to critical-only visits such as equipment reviews, and in turn, lower risk of accidents
Improve Reliability
Eliminating error-prone manual processes results in more predictable turnaround times and berth availability
Be Greener
Embellish your green credentials through reduced vessel emissions from faster turnaround, eliminated couriers, printing, photocopying and other environmentally unnecessary actions
Real-Time Visibility
Solution enables vessel, process and document tracking in real-time across all stakeholders, Load Masters and Trade Operations Teams
Improve + Streamline Communication
Eliminate hundreds of emails per movement and facilitate improved, real-time communication
Circumvent Navigational Restrictions
Ability to manage ship-shore and shipping docs digitally enables terminals to undertake key documentation tasks on either side of a navigational restriction
Auto-Power Amendments
Eliminate time spent chasing original paperwork as eDocs can be amended and re-issued in minutes
Integrate Easily
Easily connect CargoDocs DTD to your ERP, CTRM and/or Hydrocarbon Accounting Systems
Reduce Errors + Accelerate work
Save hours with a simple, efficient digital process capturing all your documents and key steps, eliminating data re-entry and paper management
Auto-Archive Docs
Collect all Terminal, Vessel and Inspector documents in one secure digital library, and find archived copies instantly. Archived docs are stored for a minimum of 12 years
Features Coming Soon
  • Real-Time KPIs / Dashboard – Key KPIs include: vessel loading status across various stages; average vessel turnaround time & savings; (iii) no. of movements and docs managed; no. of docs re-cut; volume of each product type shipped; breakdown of average time spent across each stage (pre-berthing, pre-loading, etc.)
  • Embedded Vessel Tracking – Track vessel movements; receive AI-powered ETA and congestion information; automatically geo-stamp vessel location on NOR tendering
  • Export Workflow Example

    Large & Growing Energy/Petchem Ecosystem

    CargoDocs is currently adopted at refineries, storage terminals and by ship agents drafting documents on behalf of energy shippers across the globe to digitize shipping/trade documents.

    Today, 68% of the World Tanker Fleet and 80% of the ARA Tank Barge Fleet are signed up to CargoDocs.

    Access our lists of key energy customers, trade finance banks, agents/inspectors and tanker operators.

    Request a DTD Demo

    Request a pre-recorded demo to see the solution in action, or schedule a live demo to see how CargoDocs DTD works and can be trialled or adopted at your terminal(s)

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    Trials & Pricing
    Contact one of our experts so we can explain how our three-month DTD trials work, and the price to adopt
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    Business Case

    Access our Terminal/Refinery case study or please contact if you would like our assistance in developing a business case for your terminal(s) based on your current processes.

    What our Customers say

    How long does it take to start trialing or using DTD?
    If you start trialing DTD standalone, i.e., without an interface to your ERP / Hydrocarbon Accounting system, we can set a new terminal up and you ready for testing in 5-10 business days (depending on the scope of testing)
    How can the workflows and documents managed be customized for different terminals?
    Each asset can be setup with its own workflows and document sets, or companies can use DTD to create and maintain global processes, with variations to meet local requirements
    How do I integrate my ERP or Hydrocarbon Accounting System?
    We provide an Open Rest API which enables you to import data + PDFs to generate transactions and documents (or exporter final docs), and is currently used to integrate with a wide variety of ERP, ETRM and Hydrocarbon Accounting Systems
    Can DTD be used to manage both paper and electronic shipping/trading documents?
    Yes, the solution enables full or partial digitization, but enables terminals to use a single solution/process even if some shipping documentation will be issued as paper originals
    Which parties need to adopt DTD for me to gain the most efficiencies?
    DTD has two core elements covering digital ship-shore processes from pre-berthing to during loading checklists and/or digital shipping documents. The first element only requires the master and the inspector. The second also requires the trade chain, meaning that it may not be possible to digitize all document shipping sets from day 1. However, our Customer Success Team will work with you to build out the network of traders, buyers and banks if any of your key counterparties are not currently using CargoDocs
    Do I need to adopt the end-to-end flow, or can I only adopt parts such as ship-shore digitization or shipping/trading docs digitization?
    A terminal can choose to digitize the entire ship-shore process and/or post-loading shipping documents. Workflows and documents managed will be configured to your specific requirements as part of the setup
    What time savings have customers experienced using DTD?
    We are currently rolling out DTD, but our existing Terminal Solution which only digitizes the shipping documentation process can save 0.5-6 hours per movement, depending on your current paper-based process. We anticipate that DTD will save an additional 1-3 hours per movement, if a terminal adopts the full ship-shore module as well
    Who pays for DTD?
    The solution is charged to either the terminal or lifter. Other parties such as ship agents, inspectors, tanker/barge operators use the solution free-of-charge
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