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CargoDocs eBarge Receipts

CargoDocs enables refineries, terminals, shippers and carriers to utilize electronic Barge Receipts (eBRs), plus additional eDocs covering barge load and discharge movements including Safety Data Sheets, Load Certificates, Ullage Reports, eAD copies and Discharge Receipts.


User Types

  • Terminal and / or Refinery operators
  • Barge Masters / Owners
  • Traders / Shippers
  • Independent Inspectors 

Key Features

  • Barge eDocs instantly and simultaneously available to Terminal, Inspector and Barge Master on completion of drafting
  • Documentation covers all key paperwork, including a copy of the eAD
  • Master can reject documentation that is incorrect or has errors
  • Signing is electronic and can be undertaken anywhere, i.e., Terminal office, Inspector’s vehicle, or on the barge
  • Ability to print hard-copy of electronic Barge Documents, should they be required by the Harbour Police or other Authorities
  • All electronic Barge Documentation is available online for 12 years


  • Significantly improved jetty utilisation, with barge turnaround times improved by 20-60 minutes per loading or discharge
  • Eliminates need for a document jetty in busy terminals, as eDocs can be signed either from the loading jetty or in an anchorage
  • Enables Barge Masters to sign eDocs onboard, without the need to disembark 

Trades in Use

  • Middle Distillates
  • Gasoline
  • Petrochemicals


CargoDocs Barge eDocs can accessed from any internet enabled device such as a PC, tablet, mobile and/or laptop. Barges without computer or printer access can attend the Terminal Document Office and will be provided with a PC to use.

Register your Barge – Barge Masters and/or Barge Owners

You can now register your barge to CargoDocs by simply completing a brief online form, currently available in Dutch, English and German. Click on any of the icons below to get started today:

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Contact us to get started or request your very own free online demo.