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Paperless Trade Insights Q1 2017

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  Paperless Insights Q1 2017 HEADER

Q1 2017 news primarily emphasized the role of emerging fintech solutions in streamlining and accelerating trade/trade finance, interestingly displaying a marked shift from ‘hype’ to practical use. Blockchain’s applicability in supply chain processes continued to dominate headlines, with numerous articles on recent DLT pilots involving invoices, letters of credit, bills of lading and more, while essDOCS also announced work on a blockchain module for CargoDocs. Wider industry discussions covered key developments in trade facilitation, including major progress with the UN’s first cross-border electronic trade treaty, in addition to news of a growing number of countries where eCertification is mandated by local authorities as part of national/regional 'single windows'. 

Last but not least, in company news, we announced one of the biggest milestones in essDOCS history – our acquisition of eCertify, the Australia-headquartered inventor of the electronic Certificate of Origin!

Industry News & Views

Fintech FirmsHow fintech firms are helping revolutionise supply-chain finance: A view on how fintech firms are in fact not taking business from banks so much as expanding the market (source: The Economist). + READ MORE

SMEs BorderlessSMEs must go borderless to widen customer reach: Doha Bank CEO on how SMEs can leverage digital trade platforms to complete on a global scale (source: Khaleej Times). + READ MORE

consumers go paperlessConsumers have gone paperless, time for businesses to catch up: North American banks weigh in on the need for businesses to catch up with digitized consumers (source: American Banker). + READ MORE

India Trad BoostIndia can boost exports by $5.5 bn by cutting trade costs (CII): Recent industry study reveals digitization a key driver for potential $5.5bn India trade boost (source: OneIndia). + READ MORE

Glencore Warehouse fraudGlencore warehouse company says aware of forged warehouse receipts: Paper warehouse receipt fraud is still a major concern for the industry, while secure, original eDocs can significantly reduce risks associated with forged title documents (source: Reuters). + READ MORE

Use Cases Corporate BankingInfographic: Killer Fintech use cases for corporate banking: A recent study on corporate banking fintech use cases, featuring digitized trade via CargoDocs integrated with bank plaforms like Misys (source: Misys). + READ MORE

Maersk IBM BlockchainMaersk and IBM want 10 million shipping containers on the global supply blockchain by year-end: A bold initiative that should significantly accelerate the transition to paperless trade in container trades (source: IB Times). + READ MORE

Digital Trade FinanceThe driving forces in digital trade finance: Watch a recent FusionTalks webinar recording feat. essDOCS, Standard Chartered & Misys on digital initiatives and market trends shaping the future of trade finance (source: Misys)+ READ MORE

APAC Paperless RoadmapAPAC countries develop roadmap for 1st UN cross-border eTrade treaty: Once ratified, the treaty will be the first regional agreement to focus on digital trade facilitation measures to achieve paperless trade across borders (source: UNESCAP). + READ MORE

eCertification VietnamNew rules require fish and fishery processors to eCertify: Vietnam joins a growing list of countries where eCertification is mandated by national authorities as part of national/regional 'single windows' (source: + READ MORE

essDOCS Company News

eCertify AnnouncementessDOCS acquires eCertify: A major milestone in essDOCS history, as we announce our acquisition of eCertify, the Australia-headquartered leading electronic Certificate of Origin provider. + READ MORE

Blockchain for FreightessDOCS TPM17 Blockchain for Freight Panel: Announcing our work on an upcoming Blockchain module for CargoDocs at the recent TPM 2017 Blockchain for Freight panel in the USA. + READ MORE 

CargoDocs News

COBANK newsletterCoBank signs on to CargoDocs: Becoming the 4th US banking group and 35th bank globally to adopt CargoDocs DocEx. + READ MORE

atb newsletterAmsterdam Trade Bank signs on to CargoDocs: To streamline the creation, control and transfer of transport-related title documents! + READ MORE

Dominican Rep NewsletterDominican Republic embraces CargoDocs: Following the 1st ever eB/L shipment into the Caribbean country for an ex-US Corn Oil transaction. + READ MORE

DocPrep Plus NewsletterDiscover CargoDocs DocPrep+: Request a free online Demo & discover how CargoDocs DocPrep+ accelerates trade success in just a few simple steps. + READ MORE

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