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Dominican Republic embraces CargoDocs

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Dominican Republic
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CargoDocs is now live in The Dominican Republic, following the first ever use of electronic Bills of Lading for a Corn Oil shipment into the Caribbean nation.

The trade was executed in January 2017 between a major US-headquartered global agribusiness company and a packaged-foods manufacturer, involving Corn Oil cargo transported via tanker from Louisiana, USA to Rio Jaina, Dominican Republic.

Being a short-sea voyage in a trade lane where there is a crucial need for swift documentation transfer, the use of CargoDocs ensured that electronic documents were processed and transferred 3 days before the vessel arrived its destination – with documentation transferred from seller to buyer and surrendered to ship-owner in a single afternoon.

The Dominican Republic joins a growing list of 75 countries where CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading are currently in use, covering tanker, bulker, container and barge movements.


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