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essDOCS announces launch of ICE Digital Trade Documents (DTD) for Energy Terminal & Refinery Operations

Digital Trade Documents
no code-low code

London – 19 December 2022: essDOCS, a part of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), today announced the launch of ICE Digital Trade Documents (DTD) for Energy Terminals & Refineries, a first-of-its kind, highly configurable solution digitizing post-trade and shipping processes for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The news follows a series of successful DTD trials for refined product shipments intra-Asia Pacific.

“For our terminal and refinery customers, every minute in the pre and post-loading process is valuable. ICE DTD is a game-changing solution which digitizes complex, fragmented, paper-based processes, with the potential to save hours per shipment,” said Alexander Goulandris, Co-Head, essDOCS. “DTD’s no code-low code approach also means the solution can be easily configured and adopted, providing quick time to value.”

Empowering Digital Terminal and Refinery Operations

ICE DTD offers Energy Terminal and Refinery Operators a significant digital advancement, allowing them to digitize the full scope of communication and documentation transmitted between stakeholders at the point of delivery. The comprehensive solution enables operators to manage and visualize all ship-shore communication, loading and discharge instructions, and the generation and management of cargo and export documentation. Transparency and collaboration across all participants in the ecosystem helps shippers and operators avoid costly errors and delays, achieve substantial time-savings per shipment, and maximize throughput at the terminal.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

As a native no code-low code solution, ICE DTD provides unprecedented configurability, allowing terminals to quickly automate workflows tailored to their specific requirements. Self-administration and configuration, combined with open APIs, enable operators to define, implement, and adjust their workflows without the reliance on software developers or third-party implementation specialists. Operators are therefore able to significantly reduce their total cost of ownership and accelerate their ROI by quickly realizing tangible benefits from the solution.

Learn more about ICE DTD for Energy Terminals & Refineries

Contact essDOCS to discover how ICE DTD can digitally transform your Terminal & Refinery operations.

About essDOCS (a part of ICE)

essDOCS enables paperless global trade management. Its solutions digitize, automate, and accelerate trade & post-trade operations, finance, logistics, compliance, and visibility.

essDOCS is now part of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE). You may know ICE already through its energy futures markets covering Brent, Gasoil, TTF, JKM LNG and EUA futures, and its soft commodity futures across coffee, sugar and cocoa. It is a Fortune 500 company that designs, builds and operates digital networks to connect people to opportunity. ICE provides financial technology and data services across major asset classes that offer its customers access to mission-critical workflow tools that increase transparency and operational efficiencies, two areas which essDOCS is similarly focused on.

ICE operates exchanges, including the well-known New York Stock Exchange, and clearing houses that help people invest, raise capital and manage risk across multiple asset classes. ICE’s fixed income data services and execution capabilities provide information, analytics and platforms to help customers capitalize on opportunities and operate more efficiently. While ICE Mortgage Technology is transforming and digitizing the U.S. residential mortgage process, which, like trade finance, has traditionally been a paper-based industry.

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