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TOTSA adopts CargoDocs to digitize its export documentation processes for Barge movements

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essDOCS is pleased to announce that TOTSA Total Oil Trading SA, the crude and refined petroleum products Trading & Shipping (T&S) branch of Total Group, recently adopted CargoDocs to digitize the creation, issuance, and electronic transfer of documentation for Barge movements.

TOTSA is currently rolling out CargoDocs for its refined petroleum product loadings out of the SEA-Tank 300 Terminal at the port of Antwerp, and will utilize the solution to issue and transfer electronic Barge Receipts (eBRs) and equivalent Transport Documents, Loading Confirmations plus supporting documents required for liquid bulk transport by Barge.

Furthermore, the Trading Company plans to mandate use of the CargoDocs solution for all barge loadings at SEA-Tank 300, as it targets 100% paperless trade for shipments from the Terminal.

“We are for a long time supporting all our industry initiatives that aim to digitize the cargo documentation processes. We are using digital solutions from when they were launched since we see them as a major step forward towards safer, faster and cheaper transmission of such documentation. We are pleased to use them now in our barging business as well,” said Kees van Rijssel, General Manager, Midstream Logistics at TOTSA Total Oil Trading SA.

TOTSA joins a growing number of energy companies, energy traders, tanker operators and barge operators using CargoDocs to digitize their trade document processes. In the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) region alone, 67% of the Tank Barge Fleet is currently signed up to use the essDOCS solution.


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