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essDOCS joins The Digital Debate at TOC Europe 2017

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essDOCS CEO Alexander Goulandris will be joining The Digital Debate at the upcoming TOC Europe 2017 conference in Amsterdam. 

With a distinct focus on digitizing the containerized supply chain, the session will examine the most notable technological and market developments driving the digital shift – providing first-hand accounts of the industry's response to recent innovations including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and how those tie in to current processes surrounding the physical and financial supply chain.

With numerous experts claiming that the role of technology in trade and trade finance is nearing a ‘tipping point’, the session will also focus on practical aspects: namely debating and comparing the applicability of various technologies, and whether combining these solutions can ultimately provide a holistic digital supply chain which efficiently 'connects the dots' between stakeholders and their requirements.

If you're attending the conference and would like to meet us there, please contact us to schedule a meeting. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

About TOC Europe 2017

TOC Europe is the global meeting place for ports, terminals, shipping lines, 3PLs & shippers. TOC (The Terminal Operations Conference) has long been considered best in class by container terminal operators and their suppliers. Over time, TOC has evolved and whilst we continue to deliver the highest quality technical content in line with our heritage, we also recognise that we must now hear from stakeholders higher up the cargo chain.

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