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electronic Bills of Lading at West of England P&I

electronic bill of lading
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West of England (Hellas) recently hosted its Annual Loss Prevention & Claims seminar in Piraeus, Greece, featuring a prominent technology focus for its 2016 event.

The session included an introduction on electronic Bills of Lading from WofE London Claims Associate, Dr Michaela Domijan, followed by a demonstration of CargoDocs eB/Ls in practice from our very own Katerina Anagnostara, SVP Customer Success, and Nancy Chrysanthopoulou, Sales Manager, covering the core functionalities of CargoDocs and showcasing the solution’s simplicity and ease-of-use.

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West of England (Hellas) is the fourth Greece-based P&I Club to invite essDOCS to host workshops on electronic Bills of lading, taking clear initiative towards educating its members on the need to digitize their trade processes.

CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading are approved by all 13 IG P&I Clubs, meaning that standard P&I risks associated with the carriage of cargo under a CargoDocs eB/L are within members’ standard terms of cover, provided they have signed the essDOCS DSUA Users Agreement.

Click here for the latest P&I circulars outlining the approval framework for electronic Bills of Lading

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