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Express Highlights

Ideal for SME Exporters, Traders, Ship Agents and Freight Forwarders
Modular, App-based solution to digitize each and all of your key post-trade processes
Free registration & immediate access to the intuitive Express user-interface, enabling the shortest time to experience real value of various Apps
Integrates supply chain 4.0 technologies such as IoT, AI & Big Data
as well as Blockchain-based Digital Ledger Tech (DLT) – ensuring immutable and cryptographically
verifiable transactions

Express Apps

Digitally generate and manage all required export / import documentation
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Electronic negotiable document exchange
Coming soon
Business insight and visibility
Coming soon
Sanctions screening and required documents advisory
Coming soon
Breadcrumb Extras

CargoDocs Express is an app-based Global Trade Management solution.

The first App released on CargoDocs Express is Assemble, which enables users to digitally generate and handle domestic or cross-border trade & shipping documentation.

Assemble is available now. Register today by clicking Start Free Trial.