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We will be releasing updates to CargoDocs on Monday, 3rd February 2020 at 11:00 AM UTC.

As with the previous release, there will be no system downtime for deploying the latest version, CargoDocs 20.1. However, we strongly recommend all documents be processed outside the hours between 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM UTC on the day.

For any additional information or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product Team.

Should you experience any issues post-release, please contact essDOCS Support as soon as possible. We will ensure that your request is handled and resolved in a timely manner.

What's Changing?

Below is an overview of the updates we will release into CargoDocs version 20.1:

  1. Ability to collaborate on Shipment-level documents in DocHub – Users can now send shipment-level documents such as Shipping Instructions, LOIs and Letters of Credit for approval using Collaborative Drafting in DocHub. Previously, this was restricted to parcel-level documents
  2. UI changes to display Shipment Documents – Shipment-level documents can now be viewed and actioned from the Inbox
  3. Improved LOI functionality – Building on our previous release’s Letters of Indemnity (LOI) improvements, users can now send LOIs for Approvals to the Owner and Buyer. This feature allows the Exporter to quickly have LOIs reviewed and approved before printing, avoiding the cumbersome use of email and downloading/scanning documents. In addition, users can now unfile whole Shipments 

    Note: This functionality has not been implemented for all users; please contact us if you require more information and/or a demo of this feature. ​​
    • DocHub email notifications opt-out – Users can now opt-out of notifications in DocHub if required
    • New templates – We have designed and implemented a range of new Shipping Document templates including Delivery Orders, Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Analysis plus many more.

      Note: please contact us if your require more information on accessing these templates, or if you require us to create your own custom document templates for DocHub

    UI changes to display Shipment Documents  – View and action shipment-level documents from the Inbox 



    Improved LOI Functionality – Send your LOIs for Approval to Owners and Buyers



    Email notifications opt-out for DocHub – Select to turn off notifications, if required​​​



    For any additional information on the upcoming release or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product team on