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We will be releasing updates to CargoDocs on Tuesday, 14th May 2019 at 10:00 AM UTC.

As with the previous release, there will be no system downtime for deploying the latest version, CargoDocs 19.2. However, we strongly recommend all documents be processed outside the hours between 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM UTC on the day.

For any additional information or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product Team.

Should you experience any issues post-release, please contact essDOCS Support as soon as possible. We will ensure that your request is handled and resolved in a timely manner.

What's Changing?

Below is an overview of the updates we will release into CargoDocs version 19.2:

  1. Renaming of DocPrep to DocHub – From this release onwards, you will notice the change of the product name from 'DocPrep' to 'DocHub'. This renaming is intended to more accurately describe our product’s overarching capability as a centralized Hub for all your trade documentation needs. DocHub is a solution from which data and documents flow in/out, with centralized, collaborative involvement of relevant stakeholders, therefore not just limited to a document preparation (i.e. 'DocPrep') solution. 
    • DocHub Inbox Design  We will be rolling out several changes to the inbox and its functionality: 
      • Inbox Layout will be changing, moving the search box and page selection, as well as incorporating new Inbox and Filed folder tabs. More text is now also displayed in the shipment columns.  
      • Users can now Filter their Shipments by marking shipments they are working on. You can then click on the new Filter my Shipments check box to display these document sets. This will be very useful for keeping track of what you are currently working on. 
      • Parcel level Status – We have added status colouring to the icons to show the users the completed actions and the next recommended ones. This will be helpful in quickly being able to see what stage you are in your document drafting.  
      • Document Preview Fit to Screen – when previewing a document, it will now fill the screen, displaying the document fully. Users can then click the Fit to Screen button to see the whole document.
    • Performance Work – We have undertaken major performance work in DocHub, focusing on the speed in which the Inbox and Filed folder loads. We have also mirrored how the inbox loads in various regions, and users will now see a marked improvement on loading times around the world (in some cases reaching speeds as much as 8 times faster).

      Part of this improvement is changing the way the Search box works, which now will require the user to click Return to action a search. 
    • DocHub Workflow improvements – We have listened to users and have reduced the clicks required for certain actions:
      • Skip Shipment Document Selection – If there is only one shipment level document available to the user, it will now be automatically selected, and the screen will be skipped. If there is none, the screen is also now skipped. These changes will save the user multiple clicks.  
      • Users can now Go directly to Collab from the Edit screen using the new button at the bottom of the Edit screen, therefore saving clicks. 
    • ​​​Grouped Notifications – Various actions in DocHub on multiple parcels will result in a single notification and not multiple as before. This results in less emails, with all the information contained in a single notification.
    • DocEx Multi Parcel Select – Users can now select multiple parcels/eBLs in DocEx and take an action. This covers Transfer/Endorse and Filing and will be a great help to exporters and drafters dealing with high volume BL shipments.

      In addition to this, there is a new Select all button, where the user can pick all the parcels at once and then take the action.
    • New standard document templates – such as LC Instructions, Document Presentation Form for LC, Shipping Instructions and CongenBill for Tankers have been added to the list of available Standard docs. 

      For further information on how you can access these templates, please contact our Sales Team

    Renaming of DocPrep to DocHub

    Login Screen relabeled to DocHub:



    Solution header relabeled to DocHub:



    DocHub Inbox design – New Inbox buttons & Filter Shipments​​​​​

    New Inbox and Filter


    Parcel level Status – Indicators to give users feedback in what has been completed and possible next actions​​​

    Parcel Status


    Go directly to Collab when in Edit screen – Users now have a Collab button

    Collab button


    DocEx Multi Parcel Select – Users can now select multiple parcels/eBLs in DocEx and take an action

    DocEx multiparcel select


    For any additional information on the upcoming release or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product team on