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We will be releasing updates to CargoDocs on Thursday, 31st January 2019 at 11:00 AM UTC.

As with the previous release, there will be no system downtime for deploying the latest version, CargoDocs 19.1. However, we strongly recommend all documents be processed outside the hours between 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM UTC on the day.

For any additional information or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product Team.

Should you experience any issues post-release, please contact essDOCS Support as soon as possible. We will ensure that your request is handled and resolved in a timely manner.

What's Changing?

Below is an overview of the updates we will release into CargoDocs version 19.1:

  1. Improved DocPrep Inbox design – allowing for more information to be displayed. This is the beginning of future UI design changes we will be rolling out in the coming months.
  2. Send final signed/stamped paper documents & export document data  users now have the ability to send their final signed & stamped paper documents (PDFs) within DocPrep to any individual or company, avoiding the use of e-mails. A user or company can also export the data from the distributed documents if required.
  3. Trade Documents Tracking – enabled by a brand-new product feature, CargoDocs dTrack, which combines IoT and blockchain tech to track paper trade documentation & securely distribute the source data from these documents across the supply chain. Source data flows instantly and in advance of physical paper originals, allowing for digitization without dematerialization. Contact us to request a demo & quote.
  4. New standard document templates – including Certificate of Origin, Bill of Exchange, Packing List, Stowage Plan and Cargo Manifest. Contact us for more information on how you can access these templates.


Send/Distribute final PDFs within DocPrep:





Export data from distributed document(s):


The above functionality is part of our new dTrack feature, which enables CargoDocs source data to flow instantly and in advance of physical paper originals through the supply chain, allowing for digitization of you trade document processes without dematerialization. Click here for more information.

For any additional information on the upcoming release or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product team on