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We will be releasing our latest version of CargoDocs on 04 July 2018. 

For our latest release – CargoDocs 18.3 – we have upgraded our technology to provide users with significantly improved system stability & reliability, including key upgrades to our database engine, deployment architecture, security and product build methodology. 

Note: On the day of the upgrade, users may experience system downtime of up to 3 hours starting at approx 17:00 UTC to enable deployment of the required upgrade. We highly recommend all documents be processed outside these times.

If you experience any issues post-release, please contact as soon as possible. We will ensure that your request is handled and resolved in a timely manner. 

What's Changing?

Below is an overview of the updates we will release into CargoDocs 18.3

  • New Operating System: switching from Windows to Linux for machines running our CargoDocs services
  • MySQL-compatible DB Engine: switching from previous MS SQL Server to AWS Aurora; includes migration of all CargoDocs data from one DB type to another
  • Improved Deployment of Config: by implementing brand new Puppet code
  • Improved Product-build Methodology: by implementing a centralized & automated build system
  • Upgraded Network Deployment Architecture: providing fully-isolated environments, with independently-isolated supporting services 
  • Enhanced Security Best-Practices: added to all environments
  • Functionality Improvements: DocPrep Collaboration-Approval for Multi-Company

Contact Us

For any additional information or assistance, please contact the essDOCS Support Team