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We will be releasing updates to CargoDocs on Monday February 12th 2018 at 18:00 GMT. 

Unlike previous releases, there will be no system downtime for the latest version (CargoDocs 18.1).

Contact us on if you have any questions.

What's Changing?

Below is an overview of the updates we will release into CargoDocs 18.1. Click on any of the listed items for more details:

View Only feature in DocPrep Collaboration documents:

Users will now be able to choose the sharing options of their documents before starting the Collaboration. Available options are to choose the documents to be:

  • Shared with Edit OR
  • Shared View Only
View only 1

In the next screen, choose the companies to share the documents with, or add someone to share with. 

View only 2

Tip: You can also switch to document view by clicking on the Selected Collaborator

Companies or customers who were selected for collaboration will receive the documents in their CargoDocs Collaboration Portal inbox.

View only 3

The Shared View Only document will not have the "Edit" icon available to the user, while user can still edit the documents which were Shared with Edit function.

Approve, Edit, Notes and Download document draft are now available in DocPrep Preview page:

We have updated the accessibility in DocPrep Preview page by adding Approve, Edit, Notes and Download functionality for users.

Approve Edit

Approve function is only available for users who need to approve document draft from Collaborations. 

Introducing a new button to access DocPrep via Token page:

Users can now access to DocPrep by clicking on the new button instead of the "Go To DocPrep" hyperlink in the previous version.

New Button

Multi-Parcel Print Convert in DocEx:

DocEx Print Convert function now supports multiple-parcels:

multiparcel 1

To print convert multiple parcels, the selected parcels must be from the same shipment.

Multiparcel 2

For any additional information or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product team on