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Shell goes live with essDOCS CargoDocs on shipment ex-Finnart



VALETTA, MALTA, 21 April 2011: Electronic Shipping Solutions (essDOCS), the leading shipping eDocs provider is pleased to announce that Shell has completed its first oil products shipment using a CargoDocs electronic bill of lading.

essDOCS delivery team worked with Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd (STASCO), Shell UK Oil Products Ltd and charterer Morgan Stanley to use original eDocs to cover a shipment of diesel loaded on the 14,766 dwt tanker Bro Deliverer for discharge at Shell’s Stanlow refinery.
An electronic bill of lading, certificates of origin and quantity and a document of enclosures form were issued to Morgan Stanley and endorsed first to STASCO and them on to Shell UK Oil Products Limited who in turn produced the eB/L back to the vessel’s master.

Alex Goulandris, chief executive of essDOCS, said:

“We are delighted to be working with STASCO and Shell UK Oil Products to facilitate their adoption of shipping eDocs. The success of this first shipment for Shell is a good demonstration that CargoDocs is a robust and reliable means of bringing shipping documentation up to speed.”

Shell is already part of the essDOCS Oil Industry Steering Group, which provides invaluable input on the development of CargoDocs for the oil industry through essDOCS Users Association, the DDG.  Shell has also been one of the earliest supporters of CargoDocs, participating in the pan-industry testing during 2008/9.

STASCO’s General Terms and Conditions (GT&Cs) for sales and purchases of crude oil and products, are compatible with  the use of electronic documents, including electronic bills of lading.

Sven Thiessen, Commercial Operations Manager of STASCO, said:

“Shell has always championed innovation in its operations and the opportunity to move from the traditional paper bill of lading to a secure electronic format is one which we think has obvious advantages. Having amended our terms and conditions to allow for eDocs we expect to see their use increase significantly moving forward.”

essDOCS CargoDocs enable forwarders, shippers, carriers, surveyors and agents to replace all paper shipping documents such as the Bill of Lading, Certificates of Quality, Certificates of Quantity, Timesheet, Ullage Report etc with original electronic documents.  These eDocs are originated, reviewed, signed, endorsed and produced back to the carrier online through the essDOCS eDocs Exchange.

CargoDocs have been live since the start of 2010 when the first eB/L was issued at the INEOS Finnart Terminal in the UK. INEOS Grangemouth terminal went live in late 2010 and CargoDocs is being trialled for use in crude and product shipments ex-Primorsk. essDOCS is now rolling out the service at crude and gas terminals across Europe.  Users include some of the biggest names in tanker shipping and trade. For a list of existing users, click here.

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