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Paperless Trade Insights Q1 2018

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In our latest quarterly issue: transitional digitization as a means of managing trade risk, autonomous ships gain further traction, IoT and AI-driven supply chain visibility, blockchain’s integration issue and much more!

Industry News & Views

HFWDischarge of cargo without original Bills of Lading and Letters of Indemnity (LOI): One of the biggest risks a Shipowner or Charterer can take, according to HFW's recent Shipping Briefing. + READ MORE

BOBSGUIDE imgDe-risking trade finance operations: A transitional digitization approach for trade banks, feat. insights on tackling complex compliance requirements, while slashing costs and reducing operational & reputational risks (source: bobsguide). + READ MORE

iTnews'Single digital window' for Australia's international trade: Nation's newly-established Home Affairs super-agency wants to create a "single digital window" through which all Australian international trade will flow (source: iTnews). + READ MORE

IPPC EPHYTO IMGMajor Achievements of the IPPC Secretariat in digitizing Agri trade: Latest news and progress on the IPPC's ongoing ePhytosanitary Certificate (ePhyto) pilot project (source: United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization). + READ MORE

CN AUTOMATED SHIPSChina to Build Autonomous Ship Test-Bed: Expected to be the country’s main base for research into autonomous ship technology, including obstacle-avoidance tech, over the coming three to five years (source: Maritime Executive). + READ MORE

BARGE AUTOMATEDTesla of the Canals: Netherlands and Belgium to launch world’s first zero-emissions self-piloting container barge vessel (source: The Independent). + READ MORE

evrythng logo7 things we learned about IoT Smart-Products: An overview of innovative tech trends, including end-to-end supply chain visibility and how IoT enables products to be followed as they move through the supply chain (source: + READ MORE

Berenberg LogoShipping in an era of Digital Transformation: An insightful study on digitization in shipping, covering IoT, data-based platforms, AI and more (source: Berenberg via + READ MORE

bc spendmatters iconBlockchain in Trade – are we missing the point?: For all its potential, Spendmatters argues that blockchain technology must still address how trade ecosystems behave and interact with one another. + READ MORE

Econ logoThe digitisation of trade’s paper trail may be at hand: The Economist provides an overview of digital trade initiatives, arguing that administrative (as opposed to technological) hurdles must still be overcome to enable mass adoption+ READ MORE

Roubini CNBCBlockchain is 'one of the most overhyped technologies ever,' Nouriel Roubini says: Prominent economist argues blockchain is unlikely to remove the need for financial intermediaries or instantly replace existing banking systems (source: CNBC). + READ MORE

bc pymnts imgBlockchain Forces New Conversation About The Trade Finance Shortage: PYMNTS argues non-bank lenders have failed to address the $1.5T trade finance gap and whether blockchain could have a role in addressing the shortage. + READ MORE

DIGITISATION THE NATIONAL ICON IMGDigitisation in emerging markets to change flow of trade: Middle East and Asia expected to drive increase in “digital trade flows”, says recent McKinsey & Co. report (source: The National). + READ MORE

essDOCS Company News

FIATA essDOCS Preview imgFIATA and essDOCS launch project to digitise FIATA & NVOCC Bills of Lading: Announcing our collaboration with FIATA in digitising FIATA and NVOCC/House Bills of Lading. + READ MORE

us census imgessDOCS achieves AES Certification to enable online US Customs Data Submissions: Enabling essDOCS Export Management users to directly submit required US Customs data via our solution. + READ MORE 

charterer Case Study img previewCargoDocs Charterers Case Study: Find out how Charterers using CargoDocs can save anywhere between $40K to $400K per year via our solution+ READ MORE

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