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Morgan Stanley issues notice of transition to essDOCS electronic documents

Morgan Stanley


Morgan Stanley has adopted essDOCS’ electronic shipping document service, CargoDocs.

It is initially using CargoDocs for cargoes ex-Ineos Grangemouth Refinery and ex-Ineos Finnart Terminal, and is looking to expand their use as additional locations become CargoDocs enabled.

CargoDocs allows Morgan Stanley to electronically receive, endorse or produce original Bills of Lading along with other key shipping and cargo documentation, including Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Quality and Quantity, Ullage Reports, Timesheets, Tank Inspection Reports, Certificates of Analysis, etc.

To take full advantage of the benefits of eDocs, Morgan Stanley and Ineos have agreed to issue electronic documents for Morgan Stanley shipments ex-Finnart and ex-Grangemouth wherever possible from 1 May 2011.

Accordingly, Morgan Stanley has notified all trade partners and carriers of its transition to electronic documents.

A list of all CargoDocs-enabled locations can be viewed by clicking here.

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