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essDOCS Newsletter: Q1 2012 for Tankers and Barges




CargoDocs™ for Tankers experienced very significant momentum growth in Q1 with a 60% increase in customers; we also saw the number of tanker owners who have signed up double during the period. A number of companies have agreed to expand their rollout, with Chevron, Preem, Repsol and Shell taking the lead.

CargoDocs™ for Barges went live in Q1 with Morgan Stanley and Oiltanking, and is in the process of being adopted by many large ARA barge players.

Tankers rollout details

  • European Terminals / Refineries news: Preem signs up to a five year deal to adopt CargoDocs™ at its two refineries in Sweden; Repsol La Corona goes live; Vopak Gothenburg goes live; ConocoPhillips Whitegate goes live; Oiltanking Amsterdam and Sea-Tank Antwerp sign up to issue eDocs; Esso is looking at adopting at Fawley, Port Jerome and Rotterdam Refinery
  • Americas Terminals / Refineries news: Chevron signs up to a three year deal to adopt CargoDocs™ with a rollout plan at Pascagoula Refinery, Refineria Panama, El Segundo Refinery, Richmond Refinery and Burnaby Refinery; Shell kicked off trials ex-IMTT St. Rose and IMTT Gretna, New Orleans and ex-BORCO Terminal, Bahamas; ExxonMobil asked key trade partners and shipowners to adopt eDocs
  • Additional traders / end receivers: Totsa, Repsol, Stusco, Shell West, Glencore and Gunvor
  • Additional Banks signed up:  Rabobank
  • Additional tanker owners signed up: Lauritzen Kosan, Navios Shipping, General Maritime, Lomar Shipping, Viken  Shipping, STX Pan Ocean, B-Gas, Stena Weco, Stena-FR8, Latvian Shipping Co, Bergshav Management, Handytankers, Chemikalien Seetransport, Yasa Tankers & Transportation, Fram Tankers, L.G.R. di Navigazione, Sener Shipping, Glencore Shipping and ST Shipping

ARA Barge rollout details

  • Amsterdam Rollout: Oiltanking Amsterdam is live
  • Rotterdam Rollout: Argos has been onboarded and is ready to use the Barge solution with its counterparties.
  • Trader momentum: Glencore and Morgan Stanley are live.  Cargill, Trafigura, and Gunvor are being onboarded

Currently in discussion with numerous other terminals and traders regarding adopting essDOCS Barge solution in Q2.

Adopting CargoDocs™

CargoDocs™ is a web-based service, meaning that adoption does not require any involvement from your IT department nor does it need to be run as a project.  Adoption can be extremely quick and can commence by onboarding just the team (or person) who wishes to receive eDocs.

Tanker adoption by traders, ship agents, inspectors, or carriers can be accomplished in just a couple of hours spread over 2-3 days for tankers.  Barge adoption by traders takes a few hours spread over at least a week.


CargoDocs™ for Tankers provides original electronic shipping and trading documents, including negotiable electronic bills of lading, for cargos shipped via tankers.  Cargos shipped using eDocs include crude oil, refined products, lubes, gases and chemicals.

CargoDocs™ for Barges provides electronic nominations, sailing advises and load port advises required to improve the flow of information in the ARA barge market.

essDOCS delivers industry-led electronic shipping and trade document / data solutions which improve physical and financial operations, compliance and traceability.

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