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Cargill expands use of CargoDocs eB/Ls for agricultural cargoes from South America to Europe

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Geneva, Switzerland & Valetta, Malta. 13 June 2013. Cargill has expanded its operational use of CargoDocs, an electronic bill of lading solution (eB/Ls), to include agricultural shipments from South America. essDOCS (essDOCS), the leading provider of shipping and trade document / data solutions, is partnering with Cargill to include new trade routes from Argentina and Brazil to Europe. Preparation work has commenced to expand use of eB/Ls to bulk iron ore cargoes along with BHP Billiton in trades from Australia to China. Ernst Herger, Cargill’s global project manager for eB/Ls explained why Cargill was pioneering this technology in the dry bulk trade: “We are delighted with the progress being made and the roll out so far. It is important that all participants in the industry realise that the time is right for the implementation of this new technology as it is a win-win for all concerned. Reduced administration and increased efficiencies save time and costs at every step of the supply chain for every participant - from ship owners, to charterers and trading companies. Electronic bills of lading make it easier to manage any changes or splits along the way and also protect the bill of lading from the risk of being lost or misused. We are confident that this is the right solution for the future of the shipping industry.” Since the first use of CargoDocs in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year, Cargill and essDOCS have been working together to educate dry bulk operators, ship brokers and protection and indemnity clubs (P&I club) about how CargoDocs eB/Ls work in day-to-day operations, how they fit with a Carrier’s P&I club cover and what is involved in adopting the solution. While the educational effort is significant, it is already bearing fruit with the number of dry bulk operators signing up increasing every week. The first shipment from South America involved soybeans shipped on the Carras (Hellas) SA managed vessel, the M/V Avra, from the port of Rosario, Argentina to Spain. This constituted the first use of eB/Ls in a shipment from Argentina by Cargill and the Vessel’s Owners, Alfotrin Shipping. It was immediately followed by another identical shipment by M/V CAPTAIN ANTONIS, managed by EFNAV COMPANY LTD.  to Cargill in France. Cargill has already commenced work on using eB/Ls for bulk iron ore cargoes from Australia to China along with BHP Billiton and a number of end buyers and carriers. Cargill is also in touch with other key iron ore Miners and Traders to participate in the use of eB/Ls in the APAC markets. Alexander Goulandris, Chief Executive Officer of essDOCS, said: “Cargill’s expansion of CargoDocs into additional cargoes and trade lanes in such a short timeframe shows the scalability and global applicability of CargoDocs. We look forward to our continued collaboration in their expansion into iron ore shipments with BHP Billiton and into Asia-Pacific supply chains.”

Corinne Holtshausen, Tel +44 1932 861 174, essDOCS: Ashley Skaanild, Tel +44 20 3102 6608,   


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essDOCS delivers industry-led global solutions which improve physical and financial operations, compliance and traceability. Our leading solution, CargoDocs, offers electronic bills of lading (eB/L) or equivalent and supporting documents for the Tanker, Barge, Bulker and/or Liner markets. essDOCS is headquartered in Malta and has offices in Athens, Houston and London. Our solutions are used by more than 850 customers worldwide, growing at 500% per annum, and includes divisions of ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Total, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Phillips66, Preem, Repsol, Morgan Stanley, Glencore, Trafigura, Mercuria, Gunvor, Litasco, Cargill. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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