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We will be releasing updates to the Barge Digital Transformation (BDT) Solution on Tuesday, 3rd August 2021 at 10:00 AM UTC (06:00 AM EDT | 05:00 AM CDT)

As with previous releases, there will be no system downtime for deploying the latest version, BDT 7.1. However, we strongly recommend all documents be processed outside the hours between 10:00 AM-10:30 AM UTC (06:00-06:30 AM EDT | 05:00-05:30 AM CDT) on the day.

For any additional information or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product Team.

Should you experience any issues post-release, please contact essDOCS Support as soon as possible. We will ensure that your request is handled and resolved in a timely manner.

Make Consigned To field editable after carrier accepts reconsignment destination When a Carrier now uploads the Reconsignment Document, and Accepts the Destination, the Consigned To field is populated with the End Receiver's name:




Auto-save Inbox Hide/Show settings – When a user selects Hide/Show Columns, the user’s selection settings will be automatically saved and the system will keep these for when the user logs back in and/or until they are changed again by the user:


Empty Destination fields when party Busts the Barge – Destination and Care of fields are now cleared and headers removed once a Bust is complete.

Ability for a user to see who Busted Barges in Archive folder – Once a Barge has been Busted, it is now automatically moved to the users Archive Folder.

Ability to multi-select when proposing destination – Shippers can now multi-select and take the Propose Destination action using Ctrl+Select. The destination chosen will apply to all:


Reconsignment email for Carriers – Carriers are now sent an automatic email notification when a user requests Reconsignment.

Ability to correct Barge Info when Carrier uploads BOL Correction Requested letter – The Carrier now has the ability to change Barge information when a Shipper Requests a BOL correction:


Ability for the Shipper to Edit Barge on Application Sent – The Shipper can now edit before Proposing the Destination to the next counterparty:


Ability to overwrite Reconsignment document – The Carrier can now upload a new Reconsignment document, replacing the previously uploaded one. The user is alerted if they would like to overwrite the document:


Ability to upload documents after trip is completed by Trader or Carrier – Shippers can now upload documents to completed trips:


Remove Completed Trip transactions – Completed trips are now removed from the Weight Cert Uploaded filter and other filters.

Ability to Delete Barge after destination has been rejected – The carrier now has the ability to delete the Barge after the destination has been rejected in an internal flow:


For any additional information on the upcoming release or requests for training, please contact the essDOCS Product team on