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essDOCS Solution Partners

Solution Partners 17-Feb-2023

At essDOCS, we collaborate with an expansive network of partners in providing digital trade solutions. Contact us to find out more about partnership opportunities with essDOCS.

Key Solution Partners

  • AfricaPLC: Addition of CargoDocs to AfricaPLC’s B2B/B2G industrial eCommerce Marketplace & FinTech platform, providing integrated eDocs capabilities for Africa trade stakeholders including regional and international exporters, importers, banks, chambers of commerce and more
  • Conpend: Joint CargoDocs Bank Solutions, enabling automated compliance checks (KYC, AML, Sanctions-checking) and auto-document processing by combining OCR & AI technology
  • Contour: Integration of CargoDocs to Contour's blockchain Letter of Credit (L/C) application, enabling companies to connect with their banks and trading partners via a single channel for issuance of L/Cs plus electronic Presentation and exchange of relevant trade documents, including key title docs such as electronic Bills of Lading (eB/Ls)
  • DCX: Integration of CargoDocs to the DCX RiceX and FertX platforms, enabling DCX customers to create, review and approve paper or electronic bills of lading and supporting documents with their supply chain
  • EFFITRADE: Integration of CargoDocs to Ouyeel’s EFFITRADE platform, enabling metals & minerals supply chain participants to use original electronic documents for post-trade settlement and trade finance purposes
  • Finastra: Integration of various essDOCS solutions into Finastra's trade finance suite
  • FreightRoll: Solution partnership to jointly offer FreightDocs – a digital solution for truck documents, tracking and reconciliation
  • iGTB: Integration of CargoDocs to the Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) platform, enabling iGTB bank and corporate customers to access and use CargoDocs’ eDocs / ePresentation capabilities for transactions under Letters of Credit (LCs), Documentary Collections, Guarantees and more
  • IHS Markit: Partnership with IHS Markit to develop and run LMEpassport, a utility solution to digitize the administration and sharing of certificates of analysis for metals stored in LME warehouses
  • Infosys Finacle: Integration of CargoDocs to Finacle’s blockchain-based trade finance solution – Finacle Trade Connect – allowing banks and their corporate customers to access and manage all data / documents under any given financing instrument (i.e. LC, Documentary Collection, Guarantee, etc.), consolidated within the Finacle solution ​
  • MineHub: Integration to the MineHub digital platform for mining & metals supply chains, providing crucial eDocs / ePresentation capabilities while combining CargoDocs with MineHub’s mine-to-port and trade finance capabilities
  • NGFDS / NGFA: Joint solution partnership with a key US agri trade body, NGFA, and its digital solutions affiliate, NGFDS, with CargoDocs forming the backbone of the Barge Digital Transformation (BDT) solution – a US-wide barge document platform digitizing the 70-100k negotiable barge B/Ls that NGFA members handle each year
  • Oceaneering: Integration of CargoDocs to Oceaneering’s OceanSMART solution, providing next-generation vessel visibility, port congestion and ETA information 
  • Portall Infosystems: Integration of CargoDocs to Portall's P-CaSo collaborative platform – connected to PCS 1x, a Port Community System under the aegis of the Indian Ports Association (IPA) – allowing trade participants to securely and instantaneously draft, review, amend, sign, issue, transfer, present and surrender relevant original electronic documents (such as the bill of lading) within the Portall solution
  • Swisscom Blockchain: Strategic alliance with Swisscom, to jointly develop, deploy and deliver digital trade solutions for the European pharmaceutical industry
  • TradeGo: Integration of CargoDocs to the TradeGo blockchain platform – a Sinochem Energy-led JV comprised of carriers, Asian banks, plus energy, chemicals and metals companies – plus joint paperless trade solution development for the APAC energy & chemicals segments

Interfacing Partners

Interfacing to CargoDocs allows users to access our solutions via a B2B method, rather than requiring them to login to the essDOCS eDocs Exchange. Key interfacing partners include:

  • Trade Finance Interfacing Partners: Contour, eLCY, Finastra, Finacle Trade Connect, Conpend, GlobalTrade Corporation (GTC), iGTB, Surecomp
  • Tanker/Energy Interfacing Partners: Maron Systems, Implico, Quorum Energy Components, TradeGo
  • Metals/Minerals Interfacing Partners: MineHub, EFFITRADE
  • Port Community System (PCS) Interfacing Partners: Portall Infosystems
  • Vessel Tracking/ETA Interfacing Partners: Oceaneering
  • ERP Integration: We integrate with a number of SAP solutions on a case-by-case basis and at our customers’ own request

Joint Solutions

We work with numerous IT solution providers, portals and industry bodies to incorporate our value-adding solutions to their suite of services. If you are such a company and would like to learn more about how you might work with essDOCS please contact us