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essDOCS Solution Partners

Solution Partners

At essDOCS, we collaborate with an expansive network of partners in providing our solutions. Our partnership & investment arm – essDOCS Ventures – is responsible for expanding and managing our portfolio of ongoing partnerships.

Key Solution Partners

  • eCertify & TradeCert: wholly-owned essDOCS Companies which power our essCert solution to enable Chambers of Commerce and / or relevant Government Authorities to receive submissions for eCertificates of Origin required for import or export of cargoes and certify / return the same electronically
  • Finastra (formerly Misys): Joint CargoDocs Bank Solutions, enabling seamless integration with Finastra/Misys back office systems
  • SWIFT: We work with the SWIFT network to allow for the presentation of eDocs to Banks for trade finance purposes
  • Conpend: Joint CargoDocs Bank Solutions, enabling enabling automated compliance checks (KYC, AML, Sanctions-checking) and auto-document populating by combining OCR & AI technology.
  • FIATA: essDOCS & FIATA have jointly developed and currently offer the electronic FIATA Bill of Lading (eFBL), a custom-made B/L solution for FIATA Members and their Customers
  • SGS: SGS Belgium BV develops and maintains the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) which are provided as part of the Shared Library for users who do not have their own SDS Library. SGS was selected as the SDS provider by the eSDS Workgroup of the essDOCS DDG Users & Stakeholders Association

Interfacing Partners

Interfacing to CargoDocs allows users to access our solutions via a B2B method, rather than requiring them to login to the essDOCS eDocs Exchange. Interfacing partners include:

  • Trade Finance Interfacing Partners: SWIFT, eLCY, Finastra/Misys, Conpend, GlobalTrade Corporation (GTC) and TradeWiz
  • Tanker Interfacing Partners: Maron Systems, Implico, Tieto
  • Bulker Interfacing Partners: GlobalShare edoxOnline
  • ERP Integration: We integrate with a number of SAP solutions on a case-by-case basis and at our customers’ own request

Joint Solutions

We work with numerous IT solution providers and portals to incorporate our value-adding solutions to their suite of services. If you are such a company and would like to learn more about how you might work with essDOCS please contact us at