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NGFDS Reports US Agri Barge Southbound Mississippi Trade Flows at 90% Paperless with BDT Solution

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*This blog post originally appeared on the National Grain and Feed Digital Solutions (NGFDS) website and is re-published with the kind permission of NGFDS.

US agri houses and barge lines are now digitizing approximately 90% of the negotiable barge bills of lading used for southbound Mississippi River flows, via the CargoDocs-powered Barge Digital Transformation (BDT) Solution.

The industry-led BDT solution – developed in collaboration with digital trade body National Grain and Feed Digital Solutions (NGFDS) – is used today by 47 agricultural commodity shippers & traders and 15 barge lines, for Mississippi waterway movements across commodities including corn, wheat, soybean, and soybean meal.

The 90% paperless milestone was reached within two years of the BDT solution launch, during a period which was also marked by the heights of the Covid-19 supply chain crisis.

Commenting on the milestone achievement, Brittany Batz, Project Manager, NGFDS, said: “This accomplishment is owed to the collaborative effort of this industry to solve a major pain point. The timing highlights the continued need for secure, easy-to-use systems that put the power of digitization in the hands of the users. We look forward to the continued growth of the platform facilitated by the tireless support of the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) and industry at large.”

Katerina Anagnostara, Chief Success Officer, essDOCS (a part of ICE), said: “NGFDS has made huge strides to accelerate the digitization of US agri barge flows, driven by its impressive work in promoting digital trade and sharing knowledge with trade participants. The domestic US agricultural trade community is a shining example of a market that has fully embraced digital transformation, and we look forward to continuing to support both the NGFDS and BDT users on their journey to 100% paperless trade.”


The BDT Solution originates from an initiative led by the NGFA, which selected essDOCS to develop, deliver and manage a solution digitizing negotiable Barge Bills of Lading processed by NGFA members. BDT was developed in close collaboration with the NGFA-led digital trade body, NGFDS


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