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The Trade Digitisation Debate at TXF Trade & Treasury 2014

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What are the key drivers for banks and corporates to adopt paperless processes? Has the growing shift to electronic bills of lading combined with eTrade Finance instruments such as electronic Letters of Credit and BPO delivered real successes and measurable results? What are the current and future challenges ahead as the move to paperless trade gains traction? These and more questions will be discussed in in an unadulterated, no-slides panel debate on December 9 at the TXF Trade & Treasury Conference in Munich, featuring an esteemed panel of delegates representating Cargill, RBS and Unicredit. Moderated by our very own Alex Goulandris, the plenary session promises to deliver some real insights into the emerging digitisation of trade flows, offering genuine, first-hand accounts of adopting paperless practices both from a corporate and bank persepctive. In the spirit of providing a wide-reaching open forum discussion, attendees will not only have the opportunity to pose questions to the panel on the day, but are encouraged to pre-submit any questions via email We look forward to catching up with many of you there!

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