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South Africa embraces CargoDocs

collaborative drafting
Iron Ore
South Africa

CargoDocs is now live in South Africa following the first ever use of CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading for a shipment out of the African nation.

The trade was completed earlier this month between a global mining and trading conglomerate and a buyer in China, involving a cargo of bulk iron ore transported from Saldanha Bay, South Africa to Anpu, China. It also marks the first ever use of our solution by the shipper, a leading metals & minerals miner/trader.

South Africa now joins a growing number of countries where our electronic Bill of Lading solution is used in metals and minerals trades, following previous and ongoing CargoDocs metals shipments ex-Australia and Americas to numerous destinations across the globe.

In addition, the bulk iron ore trade was successfully executed using our CargoDocs Collaborative Drafting tool, which improved visibility throughout the process and substantially reduced time spent approving documents.

Check out our interactive map of CargoDocs countries

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