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Shell updated GT&C allow uses of eDocs


In support of its transition from paper to eDocs, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company (STASCO) updated their General Terms & Conditions (GT&Cs) to ensure the validity of eDocs.  The full clause is reproduced below:

42.8 eDocs

Where it is specified in the Special Provisions that any bill of lading, waybill, delivery order, certificate, receipt or other document issued pursuant to, or in connection with, the Agreement may be issued, signed and transmitted electronically (each, an “eDoc”) then it is hereby expressly agreed that any applicable requirement of law, contract, custom or practice that any transaction, document or communication shall be made or evidenced in writing, signed or sealed shall be satisfied by an eDoc and the parties hereto agree not to contend in any dispute arising out of or in connection with any eDoc or any eDoc which is converted to paper that it is not in writing or that it is not equivalent to an original paper document signed by hand, or, as the case may be, sealed.

Read the full GT&Cs here on Shell’s website.

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