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Preem Gothenburg Refinery Goes Live with CargoDocs™

electronic bill of lading


We’re pleased to announce that Preem’s Gothenburg Refinery issued its first set of CargoDocs™ electronic documents for a gasoline shipment on the M/T THUN GEMINI. This is the first electronic document shipment for Gothenburg, under Preem’s five year contract with essDOCS, following an earlier CargoDocs™ trial in 2011. Documents were drafted by the staff at Gothenburg Refinery, with data from the refinery’s system (Maron OAS) being automatically pushed to essDOCS, allowing straight-through-processing. The bill of lading was subsequently signed by the Master and issued by the Refinery on 07 May 2014. The internal shipment is part of Preem’s plans to commence the use of eDocs on internal shipments for 6 months before expanding to exports with third party buyers in Q3 2014.

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