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India embraces CargoDocs

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CargoDocs is now live in India, following the first ever use of electronic Bills of Lading into the Asian country for a series of shipments executed by leading agribusiness company, Cargill. The trades involved cargoes of Soybean Oil exported from Rosario, Argentina and Paranagua, Brazil to the Port of Kandla, India. 

Out of a total of 169 countries where essDOCS solutions are used today, India joins a growing list of 75 countries where CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading are in use, covering tanker, bulker, container and barge movements.

essDOCS customer, Cargill, remains at the forefront of agri trade digitization globally, as it continues to accelerate and expand its use of CargoDocs into new commodity segments and trade lanes. Since signing up for operational use of the solution in early 2013, Cargill has broken new ground by achieving numerous key digitization firsts, including, but not limited to: becoming the first ever company to go live with CargoDocs eB/Ls in the bulk agricultural commodity segment (in January 2013), the first to use the solution for 3rd party shipments plus the first to use it in containerized grain trades, the first to use CargoDocs for trades into Mexico, Peru, Jamaica, Japan, India and others, plus many more.

Cargill’s digitization efforts are not just limited to agricultural commodities, but also extend to metals & minerals transactions, where it continues to expand the scope of its digital reach with its use of CargoDocs eB/Ls and ePresentation.

CargoDocs enables companies to achieve increased visibility and transparency across shipments, significantly reducing operational risks arising from manual document handling as well as delays related to physical couriering of documents – particularly where there are discrepancies – leading to increased efficiency plus significant time and cost-savings. 

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