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First use of CargoDocs™ electronic bill of lading in Vegoil trade

CargoDocs™ for tanker
electronic bill of lading




We are happy to confirm the first ever use of our CargoDocs™ electronic bill of lading solution in Vegoil export. 

The successful trade was completed by a major essDOCS Agri customer, and involved cargo consisting of 12,600 MT of Crude Sunflower Oil, transported from the Black Sea to Rotterdam.

The electronic bill of lading was drafted by the freight forwarder, and subsequently approved by the shipper, carrier, and receiver. The eB/L was then signed by the ship owner and issued by the vessel agent.

The successful transaction marks several key essDOCS firsts, most notably the first ever use of CargoDocs™ eB/L in Vegoil trade, our Agri customer’s first use of CargoDocs™ eB/L solution for Liquid Bulk Cargo, as well as first ever use of CargoDocs™ eB/L by the freight forwarder and vessel agent.

In addition, the trade was successfully executed by all parties using our CargoDocs™ Collaborative Drafting tool, which improved visibility throughout the process and substantially reduced time spent approving documents.

More info on CargoDocs™ electronic bill of lading (eB/L) can be found here

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