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First-ever eB/L transaction for Turkish Exports completed using ICE CargoDocs

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Ross Gordon
Katerina Anagnostara
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ICE CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading (eB/Ls) are now live for Turkish exports, following the first-ever use of any digital trade solution to execute an eB/L transaction for ex-Turkey trade.

The milestone shipment covered the export of mineral concentrates in bulk – on behalf of a leading multinational commodity producer and trader – out of Mersin, Turkey to Montreal, Canada, carried aboard the MV FEDERAL YUKON, owned and operated by Fednav, with Wilhelmsen Port Services acting as load port Agent.

The original eB/L was handled digitally via ICE CargoDocs, with key actions such as drafting, collaborative review, sign, issue, transfer and surrender carried out using the solution.

Wilhelmsen Port Services is a leading provider having delivered more than one million port calls across 2,100 ports around the world, and has been using ICE CargoDocs since 2013 across multiple countries and ports. By adopting a digital process, the company continues to experience major cost savings and process improvements compared to handling paperwork – benefiting from speedier, version-controlled, and centralized creation, signing, and distribution of original documents across all stakeholders.

Fednav, Canada’s largest bulk shipping company and an early adopter of ICE CargoDocs since signing up its entire fleet in 2015, has continuously been an ardent supporter of the issuance of electronic Bills of Lading. By using eB/Ls, the company is able to drive operational efficiencies through improved visibility and control over documentation, whilst crucially reducing risks associated with discharge or other LOIs versus managing original eB/Ls, allowing owners to remain under their P&I cover.

Adopting eDocs demonstrates both companies’ commitment to driving digitalization in international trade and supporting the shipping industry’s efforts to streamline documentation processes.

Commenting on this major global milestone for eB/Ls, Ross Gordon, Head of Marine Services, Fednav, said: “We are happy to be part of this milestone. It is great to see more opportunities to utilize the available technology and not be wondering if the courier package with the B/Ls is going to arrive in time.”

Katerina Anagnostara, Director, Customer Success, ICE Digital Trade (IDT), said: "We are super excited to have supported our esteemed customers in achieving this great milestone for global paperless trade. Turkey, a major trade-driven G20 member state, first embraced eB/Ls for imports in January 2023 and a few months later has expanded to exports, enabled largely by our customers’ commitment to adopting a digital process via our reliable and secure eB/L solution.” 


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