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essDOCS surpasses 4,000 Customer Milestone

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As of today, over 4,000 customers have adopted our solutions globally – a major essDOCS milestone underscoring the industry’s ongoing shift to paperless trade.

Year over year, our customer network has grown approximately 50%; up from 2,700 customers in July 2015 to over 4,000 currently, and is set to exceed 5,000 by the end of the year.


With Trade Digitization and Fintech now a top priority for the industry, CargoDocs uptake figures interestingly reveal that the industry is not simply embracing digitization, but it’s extending the scope of its digitization – whether moving beyond electronic Bills of Lading to combine eDocs with digital trade finance (via ePresentation and BPO), or more recently, streamlining and automating document preparation processes via our newly-improved, integrated CargoDocs DocPrep+ module.

As we often reiterate here at essDOCS, and as with any company, we’re only as valuable as our customer network. And once again, the key driver for our continued growth is our customers’ own commitment to shifting the industry to digitization. 

As such, we’d like to extend our warmest thanks to all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to once again reporting on our next major milestone at the 5,000 customer mark!

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