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essDOCS surpasses 3,000 Customer Milestone

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Close to six years ago today, at the very start of 2010, a handful of our earliest customers completed the first ever series of live shipments using CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading. Today, we're delighted to announce that over 3,000 customers worldwide have adopted our solutions - a major company milestone underscoring the industry's rapid and continuing shift to paperless trade. 

Year over year, our customer network has grown 70%; up from approximately 1,750 customers in early October 2014 to over 3,000 today, and set to exceed 3,750 by the end of the year.

Back in mid-November 2014, having reached the critical milestone of 2,000+ customers, we wrote about how CargoDocs uptake was achieving significant momentum across all key commodity segments, on its way to becoming a 'de facto standard in global trade'.

As of this week, with our customers bringing us closer to achieving this goal, uptake figures reveal rapid expansion in both our customer network itself, and the scope of our services to the network: a larger, wider network of users (importers, exporters, banks, carriers, agents and more) are now extending their use of our solutions to cover new offerings, such as the recently-improved CargoDocs DocPrep and digital trade finance solutions such as eUCP Presentation and CargoDocs BPO+


At essDOCS, as with any company, we're only as valuable as our customer network. And once again, a key driver for continued expansion and growth is our customers' own commitment to shifting the industry to digitization. 

As such, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your continued support, and look forward to soon reporting on our next major milestone at the 4,000 customer mark!

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