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essDOCS releases DocPrep 2.0

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We're pleased to announce the release of our latest version of CargoDocs DocPrepfeaturing significant improvements in functionality, accessibility and ease of use.

CargoDocs DocPrep enables users to draft and/or collaboratively draft the full set of documents required to execute and transact global trade, and can be adopted in conjunction with CargoDocs eDoc Exchange (DocEx) or as a standalone solution. The solution allows users to create sets of paper documents, electronic documents or a combination of both. 

Key improvements in the latest release, DocPrep 2.0, include:

  • Single data entry, which automatically populates all relevant supporting documents.
  • Addition of 12 new document templates including: Shipping/Documentary Instruction for petroleum, Shipping Instruction for bulk cargoes, Document Presentation form for Letters of Credit, Document Presentation form for non-Letters of Credit, Inspection Appointment for Petroleum, Inspection Appointment for bulk cargoes, Bill of Exchange, Certificate of Instruction and more
  • Addition of a Multi-Purpose Template enabling users to generate new custom document templates with their own branding/design and document labels.
  • Ability to share selected documents with local ship agents, freight forwarders and inspectors
  • Online filing, i.e. archiving and storage via cloud, of all electronic and paper documents for 12 years.
  • Collaborative drafting available on all supporting documents, not just electronic Bills of Lading

DocPrep 2.0 is being deployed to an essDOCS mining and trading customer as the first phase in a major rollout, following a recent contract awarded to essDOCS.

Work on version 2.1 is already underway and will be be launched later this year. The next release will be extended to tie directly into customer SAP systems and enhance current eCertificate of Orgin and eCustoms capabilities, providing additional automation and integration and further minimizing data re-entry.

CargoDocs DocPrep is currently used or being tested across 40 countries in the Agri, Energy, Chemicals and Metals & Minerals markets. DocPrep 2.0 will be rolled out to current DocPrep users in due course.   

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