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essDOCS releases CargoDocs DocPrep+ 2.1

Collaboartive Drafting
Collobaroation Portal
eCertificate of Insurance
Shipping Instructions

DocPrep+ 2.1 was successfully deployed this week, marking the second (and last) phase in rebuilding this key module.

CargoDocs DocPrep+ enables users to draft and/or collaboratively draft the full set of documents required to execute and transact global trade, and can be adopted in conjunction with CargoDocs Document Exchange (DocEx) or as a standalone solution. The solution allows users to create sets of paper and electronic documents, or a combination of the two.

Key improvements in DocPrep+ 2.1 include:

  • Collaboration Portal – enabling customers to invite non-CargoDocs Users to participate in the collaborative drafting, review and approval of documents
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – allowing for easy, secure access to the solution from the customer’s ERP system
  • SAP Interface – enabling auto-populating of customers’ SAP data to over 45 document templates in CargoDocs
  • INTTRA SI – enabling users to push data for Shipping Instructions directly from CargoDocs to the relevant container lines 
  • Trade/Commodity Complier – enabling users to manage predefined document sets depending on the commodity trade and transaction type
  • eCertificates of Insurance – enabling users to create original electronic Insurance Certificates (applicable to users who underwrite their own insurance)
  • Improved Navigation and Preview Functionality
  • View-only capability
  • Addition of a new System Language – Spanish

This release was initially deployed to an essDOCS Mining & Trading customer. Existing DocPrep+ customers will be transitioned to v2.1 in due course. 

CargoDocs DocPrep+ is currently used or being tested in over 40 countries in the Agri, Energy, Chemicals and Metals & Minerals markets.

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