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essDOCS releases CargoDocs for Barges 15.4

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CargoDocs for Barges

We’ve just released our latest version of CargoDocs for Barges, featuring major improvements in functionality, accessibility and ease of use for Traders, Surveyors and Barge Owners / Masters.

Key updates in the latest release, B15.4, include:  

For Traders:

  • Improved Resend Functionality – Traders are now able to choose if they’d like to include the previous receivers of an eNomination or just add new recipients
  • Consignor ADN field added in the LLN Data Entry Screen  – Traders have a new field on the Loading Location Nomination Data Entry Screen, which enables them to name the ADN Consignor on the electronic Barge Receipt (eBR) issued by an eDoc-enabled Terminal

 For Surveyors:

  • Surveyor Document Types  Surveyors have the ability to choose the type of surveyor documents they upload on an eBR set, further structuring and enhancing process controls during loading

 For Barge Owners / Masters:

  • Multi-company Access and Fleet Overview for Barge Owners / HQ operators
  • Bug Fixes and other improvements

On behalf of the essDOCS team, we’d like to thank our customers for providing the crucial feedback which led to the development of our new and improved Barges release.

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