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essDOCS Reaches 2,000 Customer Milestone

Paperless Trade



As widespread adoption of paperless trade gains major traction across the industry, we’re extremely delighted to announce that we have now reached the major milestone of 2,000 customers. Year over year, our customer network has grown 100%; up from approximately 1,000 customers in November 2013 to just over 2,000 today, and set to exceed 2,200 by the end of the year. With CargoDocs adoption achieving significant momentum across the globe, the shift to paperless trade is delivering real, measurable results, as industry stakeholders in the energy, agriculture, chemicals and metals & minerals markets derive increasing value through the automation and acceleration of their trade operations and finance processes. Beyond customer adoption, CargoDocs is now well on its way to emerging as a de facto standard in global trade: steadily embraced as a viable, value-adding alternative to outdated, inefficient, paper-based practices. At essDOCS, we simply provide the groundwork for streamlining the process. It is our customers’ own commitment and initiative which is the driving force for disrupting, improving and propelling an entire industry to a new era of paperless trade, transforming and reshaping age-old standard practices along the way. And for that, we’d like to extend our warmest gratitude to all, as we reinforce our enduring commitment to enabling your journey to paperless trade!

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