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essDOCS launches Chinese Website

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Our Chinese website is now live at!

The essDOCS China website launch follows the opening of our Shanghai office earlier this year, and is part of ongoing efforts to provide locally-relevant, tailored content to further support essDOCS sales and marketing efforts in the crucial Chinese growth market, in addition to improving local understanding of the far-reaching benefits of paperless trade.

All enquiries and CargoDocs demo requests originating from our new Chinese property will be directly handled by the essDOCS China Team, ensuring relevant and locally-responsive action on any request that arises.

Our China website can be accessed from its own url directly, or by clicking on  ‘中文 at the top right-hand corner of our English-language property,




今年初上海办事处的开幕之后,我们essDOCS的中国网站现在也正式推出,这是我们为持续提供本地相关, 量身定制的内容以进一步支持配合essDOCS在快速增长的中国经济市场中的销售及营销工作,提高当地对无纸化贸易的深远益处的认识而做的努力的一部分。


我们的中国网站可以通过中文网址www.essdocs.cn直接登陆,或通过我们的英文网站, 点击右上角的 “中文 “切换语言

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