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essDOCS launches CargoDocs Insurance Booster


Update: Please note that as of June 2019, essDOCS no longer offers the CargoDocs Insurance Booster as an option to customers


We're pleased to announce the launch of CargoDocs Insurance Booster, our latest offering which enables all essDOCS customers to significantly extend their current insurance coverage per electronic Bill of Lading.

Specifically, CargoDocs Insurance Booster allows customers to extend their $20MM per electronic bill of lading (eB/L) coverage - included as part of CargoDocs - by an additional $10MM; providing a total coverage of $30MM per eB/L. 

essDOCS Insurance covers eRisk which is defined in the CargoDocs Users Agreement (DSUA) as both eCrime and eFailure.

Alexander Goulandris, essDOCS CEO, said: “We are delighted to continue to innovate with our Paperless Trade offerings, and once again offer solutions requested by our customers. The Insurance Booster reinforces our approach of going the extra mile to ensure corporates and banks feel maximum comfort with eDocs.”

CargoDocs Insurance Booster is available to all essDOCS customers, but will likely appeal to traders in the Energy, Metals & Minerals and Agri markets as well as the banks that finance these cargos. On the trade finance side, the Booster covers eUCP Presentations and eDocumentary Collections.

essDOCS customers can add CargoDocs Insurance Booster to their existing coverage at a low flat annual fee.

Contact an essDOCS Sales Representative or your Account Manager for more information. 

*CargoDocs Insurance is subject to the terms and conditions of the essDOCS Users Agreement (DSUA)

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