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essDOCS discusses adoption of eB/L at Global Grain

Alexander Goulandris
electronic bill of lading
Paperless Trade

Alexander Goulandris, essDOCS CEO, joined a panel of experts at Global Grain 2013 in Geneva to examine the path towards paperless trading.  The panel was inspired by Cargill’s first use of electronic bills of lading using essDOCS CargoDocs solution earlier this year.

The lively debate covered a broad array of topics from Customs Acceptance of eB/Ls, the path to paperless Government Documents, if a change to UK law would accelerate the adoption of eB/Ls, how eB/Ls can be used under current GAFTA contracts, trades where eB/Ls are currently being used and how long it will take for eDocs to become the norm in grain trades.

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