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essDOCS Consulting joins the Trade Digitisation discussion at TXF Trade & Treasury 2015

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essDOCS Consulting
Hari Janakiraman
Jacco de Jong
Royston Da Costa
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TXF Trade & Treasury
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Where is trade finance now in terms of its continuing digitisation and where will it go next? What impact is this transformation having on the provision of trade finance across different sectors and regions? Are corporates digitising alongside banks and vice versa, or is there a disconnect?

These and many more questions will be answered in an open, presentation-free and moderator-led panel discussion on 'The Impact of Digitisation on Trade', taking place this Wednesday, November 12 at the TXF Trade & Treasury Conference, held this year at the iconic Messeturm building in Frankfurt, Germany.

The session will feature an esteemed panel of treasury and trade specialists including ANZ Head of Global Core Trade Product, Hari Janakiraman, Wolseley Group Assistant Treasurer, Royston Da Costa, SWIFT Global Head of Corporate and Supply Chain Markets, Andre Casterman, and our very own Jacco de Jong, Managing Director, essDOCS Consulting.

Moderated by TXF’s Hesham Zakai, the discussion promises to deliver some real insights into the ongoing digitisation of trade flows, offering genuine, first-hand accounts of adopting paperless practices both from a corporate and bank perspective.

We look forward to catching up with many of you there!

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