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Danske Bank becomes first Nordic bank to sign on to CargoDocs

Danske Bank
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  Danske Bank

Danske Bank has signed on to CargoDocs ePresentation to support its corporate customers’ use of electronic presentation under eUCP Letters of Credit and eDocumentary Collections. It becomes the first Nordic bank to adopt the essDOCS solution.

CargoDocs will enable Danske Bank to handle transactions through the electronic exchange and presentation of eDocs – including electronic Bills of Lading – instead of paper documents, allowing for efficient handling and controlled transfer of title.

Adopting CargoDocs is part of a wider, ongoing Danske initiative embracing digital innovation to provide enhanced customer experience and drive operational efficiency. By digitizing its trade documentation processes, the bank aims to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of transactions, while reducing risk and improving compliance for itself and corporate customers alike.

About Danske Bank

Danske Bank is a Nordic bank with strong regional roots and bridges to the world. With offices in 11 countries beyond the Nordics, Danske provides a gateway to the world for Nordic companies, and an entry point to the Nordics for international business.

In wholesale banking, Danske Bank offers its knowledge, products and services within Capital Markets, Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities, and award-winning Cash Management and Trade Finance solutions. Whilst building upon a 140-year history, Danske is also a modern bank, aspiring to deliver improvements and innovative products beyond the traditional wholesale banking product palette.


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