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Consulting alongside Asian Development Bank in Fiji

Asian Development Bank
essDOCS Consulting
Pacific Banks
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Trade Finance Program

Asian Development Bank (ADB) recently commissioned essDOCS Consulting to examine the scope and approach for capacity development of trade finance within Pacific Banks.

As part of ADB’s Trade Finance Program (TFP) – an initiative which assists banks in providing companies with financial support to enable trade in Asia Pacific’s most challenging markets – our very own Jacco de Jong traveled to Fiji to support a week-long Trade Finance Training Seminar attended by over 15 Pacific Banks.


During the Fiji event, Jacco met with all participant banks to discuss their individual needs for in-house trade finance capacity development, collecting crucial information on their current trade finance practices and the challenges they face.

Jacco’s findings will form the basis of a detailed report on how ADB’s TFP Program can support Pacific banks to establish or expand trade finance departments and services for regional customers.

About essDOCS Consulting

essDOCS Consulting was established in September 2015 as the centrepoint of a strategic essDOCS initiative to provide banks and corporates with pragmatic, expert Trade Finance support and advice in their transition towards adopting/embedding FinTech solutions and eDocs into their business.

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