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Cargill extends another three-year agreement to rollout and use CargoDocs globally

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Iron Ore

We’re pleased to announce that Cargill has extended a further three-year agreement with essDOCS to increase and expand its use of CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading and supporting eDocs.

Cargill will initially focus on expanding the use of CargoDocs for bulk and containerized grain, iron ore and vegoil shipments, as well as significantly expand use of CargoDocs ePresentation and innovative expansion into BPO for financed flows.

This agreement continues a history with essDOCS that commenced in 2010, when Cargill signed up for essDOCS’s REACH compliance solution, eSDS.  Since then, Cargill requested essDOCS expand CargoDocs into the Agri market and completed its first ever eB/L shipment for a grain cargo in January 2013.  

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